About Forcit Consulting

At Forcit Consulting we believe in a clear connection between an operation’s environmental impact and profitability. And that with the right solutions, processes, and skills, together we can build sustainable societies while avoiding unwanted outcomes for our partners and the communities they serve.

With over 120 years of collective experience supporting builders, contractors and miners in their blasting and excavation operations, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and the responsibility needed to ensure a safe and protected environment. So that all parties can fully focus on their core operations and everyday life.


As the Nordic’s leading environmental impact specialists in construction and mining , we are active in the development of strong and sustainable societies across the region. We recognize the need for contractors and developers to meet the ever-increasing challenge of managing construction, infrastructure and extraction projects on time, within budget, in compliance with tough regulations and, above all, safe towards the surrounding people and environments.

Leading expert

Our comprehensive range of services allows for complete, responsive and reliable support including risk analysis , pre and post inspections, online environmental monitoring, damage evaluations and technical training. Dedicated project managers and specialists share in the responsibility of monitoring progress and seeing each project through – safely and efficiently. With the understanding that no two projects are alike, we keep things personal by assigning a single responsible point of contact to ensure localized support the moment it’s needed.

As proud members of the FORCIT Group, we are committed to delivering the quality and results expected from the Nordics’ leading experts on blasting technique and environmental impact management. And do so through a competent and reliable network of people. All dedicated to keeping progress safe as they support others in achieving their visions for society.